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Bikeway was a fun project for a lot of reasons.  For one, it is in Dougie’s backyard.  Secondly, it offers something that San Diego was really lacking. Lastly, it was an opportunity to create a unique experience in one of San Diego’s emerging areas, Imperial Beach.  The vision was an energetic retail project adjacent to the San Diego Bike Trail and on the San Diego Bay.

This location has a rich historical context with the Native American presence, the early salt mining companies and on top of that also offers views of the nature preserve and bird sanctuary.  Scout captured all of these components to create a unique vision for Bikeway.  We curated a vibe that promotes cycling, bird-watching, a glimpse into San Diego’s history and a place where people can get together and enjoy craft food and drinks.

Bike Path Map
We created this custom map of the San Diego Bike Trail as part of the marketing collateral for the project. We wanted to encourage the use of bikes as a transportation alternative and let the public know there is this awesome bike trail in San Diego. - Scout There
Working with local photographer, Will Holder, we put together a photo shoot that captured the essence of what Bikeway Village is. Will's grandfather Dempsey Holder is an iconic surfer who put Imperial Beach and its surf culture on the map. We felt the imagery captured the vibe and it was even cooler to be working with a photographer who had such a unique connection to the area. - Scout There