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Boat Hat is one of our own brands that we cultivated and stylized with same approach we use for our clients. The Boat Hat is a distinct product that represents our affinity for craftsmanship and purposeful branding. The knotted back design features all brass sail grommets, sea worthy shock chord or leather and a trusty overhand knot.

Boat Hat is a passion project.  Everything about it is seemingly traditional, however upon closer inspection all the materials, and methods are applied in truly novel ways that enhance your hat wearing experience and tell a story.  We developed the product and branding with a simple vision in mind, a love for quality and a passion for the ocean.

In addition to embroidered hats, we have created a series of custom painted patches. Collections have included a series of hats in tribute to the late John Wayne, patches of iconic ships and vessels, patches by iconic artists and more. All one of a kind and done by hand. - Scout There
Kelsey Brookes Collaboration
We collaborated with iconic artist and muralist Kelsey Brookes to design this limited run of hand painted Boat Hat patches. - Scout There