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Del Mar Corporate Plaza or DMcp is a great example of how you can take a small dated office campus and breath new life into it.  We developed a simple yet updated brand aesthetic for this project that is just the right balance of cool and professional.  We wanted to make sure the project appealed to the progressive demographic without alienating tenants seeking a more traditional experience.

As always, there is a fine balance between making something cool and keeping it professional. The never ending battle between form and function.  DMcp finds that perfect blend.  Updated and cool as is typical with a Cruzan project, but with the an aesthetic that also appeals to a conservative crowd.

Cruzan wanted to deliver some gifts to brokers announcing DMcp. We couldn't find the right packaging so we went out and developed our own custom gift sleeves with the DMcp logo foil stamped in white on a really cool matte black paper. We then designed some custom gift inserts and a series of custom DMcp stickers to pull the concept together. - Scout There