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Rooted in Costa Mesa’s historic Mesa Verde, where block parties, impromptu bike parades and picnics in the park are the things of which memories are made, MIRAVAL is an exclusive residential community. We were hired to develop a brand for this thoughtfully designed infill development. MIRAVAL needed to feel like home and invite people to experience Mesa Verde and all it has to offer. Mesa Verde is one of the most beloved and historic communities in Costa Mesa however it isn’t the first place you think of when it comes to luxury homes.

A key piece of this assignment was to make a connection with the historical elegance of Mesa Verde and communicate the exceptional lifestyle, fun community traditions, architectural significance, neighborhood parks and spectacular Country Club. We created a brand and marketing campaign that resonated with buyers seeking this type of welcoming, connected environment.  The result was that every home sold in the pre-development phase at above market prices.

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