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How do you make a mobile home park cool?  Easy. Create a beachy vibe and brand to match.  Surf City is unique in that it is steps away from to the Pacific Ocean.  Huntington Beach already does a great job of celebrating their connection to surfing and surf culture – we just had to spend enough time at the park to see how the people who lived there identified themselves – their identity became the brand identity.

We took their deep roots in surfing, beach and ocean culture and infused them in the Surf City Beach Cottage vision.  The campaign celebrates this connection to the sea and beach, while not hiding the fact that this is a mobile home park.  The result has been tremendous with all of the units leasing up and the property having a defined style and presence.

To really hammer home the beach vibe our team created a series of burgee flags with the Surf City logo on them. These hand stitched flags, in addition to the other signage we designed, are unique elements that help create a sense of place on-site. - Neymar Samula